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Hello, yes, I am sexy.

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927lyfestyle asked: So I've been taking Xanax a lot lately it started like once a week. But just been popping them more frequently. I know my tolerance is building. But I'm just wondering if I'm still gonna get the Xanax high if I were to pop them on the regular. Like my first times?



No. Benzo tolerance is permanant. Let’s say it takes 4mg’s to replicate your first 1mg high, even if you take a year break in between doses, you will still feel like 4mg’s is going to repliate your very first high.

I also don’t think you can really replicate the first high. first highs are, for the most part, the epitome of that substances high.

Definitely, your first high is almost always your strongest and most unique with any drug.

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I was driving with my brother’s girlfriend today and she randomly started playing Death Grips and it made me so happy, I guess she’d heard me listening to it. Dunno, I’d never had Death Grips played in my car before, ‘twas fun.

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Killadelph Salt Tree Coil Bong

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